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The sun popped out for two minutes this week and the whole company has gone into summer mode!! New deep links available now for our outdoor goodies. We’ve also made changes to our affiliate landing page removing that niggly telephone number in the corner to stop leakage and up your conversion rates, were also looking at banner removal and affiliate exclusive promo’s on the homepage and template. Watch this Space!!

Outdoor Goodies

Discount Codes: 


£5 off all orders over £50
Expires – 2008-05-31


£10 off all orders over £70Expires – 2008-05-31 
£1 off all orders over £10Expires – 2008-04-30  
10% off all orders over £100 (Max Order Value £200)
Expires – 2008-05-31 

5% off all orders over £15 (Max Order Value £300)Expires – 2008-05-31 
5% off all orders over £15 (Max Order Value £300)Expires – 2008-04-30  
  Just enter the codes above at the checkout to get your discounts, please send the codes to others.

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