Empire Direct 10% Off

We have a total of 24 voucher codes all with a different 10% Off promotion. As usual upon the customer entering the voucher code at basket stage the discount will be applied once they proceed through to checkout.  The username for all these vouchers is edsave

EM4548            10% off Plasma tvs voucher    
EM4549            10% off LCD tvs voucher                        
EM4550            10% off DVD receivers voucher               
EM4551            10% off Home Cinema Systems voucher 
EM4552            10% off Digital Camcorders voucher
EM4553            10% off DVD Camcorders voucher
EM4554            10% off HD Camcorders voucher            
EM4555            10% off Washers voucher                      
EM4556            10% off Washer Dryers voucher              
EM4557            10% off Dishwashers voucher                 
EM4558            10% off frost free fridge freezers voucher  
EM4559            10% off American Cooling voucher          
EM4560            10% off Built-in Dishwasher voucher        
EM4561            10% off Built-in Freezers voucher            
EM4562            10% off Built-in Fridge Freezers voucher  
EM4563            10% off Built-in Fridges voucher              
EM4564            10% off Built-in Washers voucher           
EM4565            10% off Built-in Washer Dryers voucher   
EM4566            10% off Built-in Electric Ovens voucher   
EM4567            10% off Built-in Gas Ovens voucher        
EM4568            10% off Built-in Electric Hobs voucher     
EM4569            10% off Built-in Gas Hobs voucher          
EM4570            10% off Hoods voucher                          
EM4571            10% off Built-in Microwaves voucher 


The vouchers all expire at midnight on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2008.

Visit Empire Direct and take advantage of the latest deals!

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