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A macerator pump lets you extend the plumbing system ofyour home or property, providing lifting power and maceration of solids so thatyou can install a new toilet or other machine anywhere you want.

This systems allows you to transport sewage from the most remote areas in your house. It is possible to connect 1 toilet and an unlimitedamount of other sanitary devices (bath, shower, sink, …) on one entry. Alsosuitable for dishwashers and washing machines. Includes all accessories toconnect a toilet and multiple other sanitary devices. Plastic covers areincluded to close the entries that are unused. Up to 80m horizontal discharge,8m vertical discharge. Powerful motor with integrated stainless steel shredder,more powerful compared to the 600W model and offers lower power consumption.Entry available at the LEFT AND RIGHT side of the macerator


This small machine can lift fluids up to 8m, and canpropel them vertically up to 100m, making it powerful enough for use throughoutthe house. A stainless steel cutting mechanism means that this can deal withplenty of waste, allowing the pump to transport the materials. This is adurable and efficient sewage pump which lets you make the most of yourproperty.


Used for an easy disposal of all waste water regardlessof sanitary facility.

This waste removal pump is perfectly suited to dispose ofdomestic waste water of sanitary facilities (e.g. WC) which are located beneaththe flood level (e.g. in the basement) or too far away from the nearest wastepipe.

Supersilent 400W macerator waste pump is speciallypackaged for the UK market, making it possible to dispose toilet waste througha small pipe. The pump starts automatically when the toilet gets flushed. It ispossible to connect up to 3 devices.


SaniFlix SUPER SILENT Macerator Pump, more silent through newdesign.

Replaces your SANIFLO without additional adjustments!

POWERFUL motor with integrated stainless steel shredder,more powerful compared to the 600W panel

LOWER Power Consumption

Schredder/chopper curshes the faeces and disposes througha 23/32/40 mm pipe (included)

Fully automatic wastewater detection

With integrated carbon FILTER (guarantee no odors!)

Integrated NON-return valve

Equiped with an additional manual button in case of anyfailure

Up to 80m horizontal discharge, 8m vertical discharge

Possible to connect 1 toilet and unlimited other sanitarydevices (shower, sink, washing machine,..).

• SUPERSILENT Macerator Pump, more silent through new design

• Replacesyour SANIFLO without additional adjustments!

• Powerfulmotor of 400 Watt with integrated shredder, more powerful compared to the 600Watt model

• LOWERPower Consumption

• Shredder/choppercrushes the faeces and disposes through a 22/32/40 mm pipe (included)

• Withintegrated carbon filter (guarantee no odors!)

• Cutterconsists of stainless steel

• Fullyautomatic wastewater detection, the pump starts every time automatically

• Equippedwith an manual button

• Possibleto connect 1 toilet and unlimited other sanitary devices (bath, shower, sink,…) on 2 entries

• Includesall accessories to connect a toilet and multiple other sanitary devices.Plastic covers are included to close the entries that are unused.

• Upto 80m horizontal discharge, 8m vertical discharge.(combination: please use thetable below for your reference Eevery curve will also reduce the dischargedistance with approximately 1m)

• Vertical(m) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

• Horizontal(m) 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

• Theshower outlet must be a minimum of 210mm above floor level

• Anyhorizontal discharge pipe must be installed with a gradient of at least 1cm permeter

• Transportswater up to 8m upwards or up to 100m far

• Suitablefor most sanitary facilities (e.g. washbasin, bath tub, shower tray, urinal orbidet)

• Alsosuited to washing machines and dishwashers

• In caseof necessity pump works fully automatically

• Connectionconforming to standard: 2xDN40 + 1xDN100 inputs, additional DN40 input (has tobe opened with appropriate tools if needed), 23mm/28mm/32mm output

• Efficient400 Watt Engine

• Cuttingunit made out of stainless steel

• Ifnecessary, pump can be started by hand with a manual mesh switch

• Smalland compact, can directly be assembled behind the WC

• GSTÜV and CE Certificate

Macerator kitincludes:

4 Clamps

3 Plastic covers

1 Non-valve (integrated)

UK Adaptor

Power cord

Blanks included


• Powersupply: AC 220V-240V 50Hz

• Powerconsumption: 400 Watt

• Noiselevel: 25 – 35 dB

• InputflowL: 270 L/min

• Materials:Polypropylene, C.R.P, Stainless steel, Neoprene

• Max.Temperature: 70 °C

• Manualbutton: Yes

• Carbonfilter: Yes

• Inlet:

• 1 x 100 mm (WC)

• 2 x 38/40 mm (Sides)

• Outlet: 1x 23/28/32 mm (Adjustable)

• Dimensions:424 x 180 x 306 mm

• Powercable: 1.7 m

• Weight: 7kg

• Warranty: 1 year

• Yourwarranty may be invalid if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s guidelines

• Stainlesssteel cutter

• 8mdelivery head

• Quietoperation

• Up to 100litres per minute

• head: 8m

• Max.horizontal delivery: 100m

• Watertemperature: Min. 1°C, Max. 90°C

• Max.output: 100 l/min

• Enginepower: 2700 rpm

• Colour:White

Free Next Daydelivery to any UK Postcode if ordered before 2pm on a weekday, and delivery on following Monday for a Friday order.

Deliveryto non UK mainland requires additional cost of £20, and delivery time will beapproximately 3 additional working days. Please enquire before ordering from non UKmainland.

This is inclusive of NorthernIreland.

Same day local collection available from Bury in Lancashire

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