Turboflush / Sanisuite / Sanipump Saniflo Macerator 2 Year Guarantee 24 hr post


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 Turboflush / Sanisuite / Sanipump 550W 240V (94490)

  1. Quick and easy to install
  2. Adds an extra toilet facility almost anywhere you choose
  3. Features a small bore macerator pump for discharging waste
  4. Fits neatly behind a close coupled suite or a low level pan
  5. Can pump waste horizontally up to 45m away or 3.5m vertically
  6. Fits any horizontal WC outlet
  7. Waste discharged through 32mm solvent weld piping

Can run under floorboards and walls

Specifications :

  1. Easy to install.
  2. Activated automatically.
  3. Size: 466W x 275H x 215D mm.
  4. Enables the installation of a WC and basin in areas where conventional waste pipe Installations cannot be fitted.
  5. Dual basin inlets (either side of unit).
  6. Discharge: horizontally to 45 metres or vertically to 3.5 metres.
  7. All vertical lifts must begin within 300mm of this unit.
  8. Horizontal runs must have a minimum 1 in 100 (10mm per metre) fall away from the unit.
  9. This unit is not designed to pump on an uphill gradient away from the machine.
  10. Outlet size: 32mm (1 1/4″).
  11. Motor: 500w (230V).
  12. Electrical connection must be into a 5 amp un-switched fused spur (not socket).
  13. 2 Year Warranty: Watereasy give a 2 year warranty on this macerator

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