Whirlpool, Ignis, Ikea, Bauknecht & Prima Electric Oven Cooker Heating Element


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Whirlpool Ignis Ikea Bauknecht & Prima Electric Oven Cooker Heating Element



Equivalent to: 481225998405

Will fit the following models:

BLHP5969/IN BLZH5069AL BLZH5069IN BLZH5969AL BLZH5969INBMZH5069AL BMZH5069IN BMZH5099IN BMZH5969/IN BSZH5069IN BSZH5969/IN481225998405 FIRENZI DO905AV DO905IX DO905WH 481225998405 IGNIS 10065524AKL874/GR AKL874/IX AKL874/WH AKL876/01IX AKL876/01WH AKL876/AVAKL876/IX AKL876/WH AKL887/01IX AKL887/01WH AKL899/IX AKL899/IX/01AKL899/WH AKL900/IX/01 AKL900/WH/01 AKL906/IX/01 AKL906/WH AKL907/IXAKL907/IX/01 AKL907/NB AKL907/WH AKL914/IX AKL914/WH BQ02X 481225998405IKEA 00048865 10094734 10094753 30027079 30065641 30094766 3012822440065594 40094756 50065640 50094732 50123008 60094741 60122999 70123012LPR812 LPR812/01 481225998405 KITCHEN AID (CONSUMER SPARES) KOMC9610IX KOMP6610IXKOMS6610IX KOSP6610/IX KOSS6610/IX WHP 481225998405 PRIMA LPR811 LPR812 LPR813 LPR813/01 LPR814LPR814/01 LPR825 LPR826 LPR826/01 LPR9020 LPR9023 LPR9028 481225998405RAM NEXT DIMENSION (WHIRLPOOL) APDFO/02/AV 481225998405 WHIRLPOOL GENERATION2000 G2P61F/01SR/SS G2P61F/01SR/WH G2P61F/BK/01 G2P61F/SS/01 G2P61F/WH/01G2P61FSS G2P62F/BK/01 G2P62F/SS/01 G2P62F/WH/01 G2P63R/BK/01 G2P63R/GR/01G2P63R/WH/01 G2P90F/BR G2P90F/SS G2P90F/SS/01 G2P90F/WH G2P90F/WH/01G2P91R/BK G2P91R/GR G2P91R/WH 481225998405 WHIRLPOOL AKL889/IX AKL889/WHAKP129/WH AKP159/IX AKP200/IX AKP200/WH AKP203/IX AKP529WH AKZ101/IXAKZ106IX AKZ106WH AKZ139/IX AKZ146/IX AKZ151/IX AKZ154/IX AKZ154ALAKZ159/IX AKZ161/03/IX AKZ161/03/WH AKZ161/AV/01 AKZ161/AV/02AKZ161/IX/01 AKZ161/IX/02 AKZ161/WH/01 AKZ161/WH/02 AKZ163IX AKZ164/IXAKZ187/IX AKZ187AL AKZ195/01AL AKZ195/AV/01 AKZ195/AV/02 AKZ195/IX/02AKZ195/IX/03 AKZ195/WH/01 AKZ195/WH/02 AKZ196/IX AKZ406/WH AKZ446/AV AKZ446/IXAKZ446/WH AKZ446AV AKZ446IX AKZ446WH AKZ451/AV/01 AKZ451/IX/01AKZ451/WH/01 AKZ451AV AKZ451IX AKZ451WH AKZ454/IX/01 AKZ454/WH/01AKZ454AL AKZ454IX AKZ454NB AKZ454WH AKZ455/IX AKZ455/WH AKZ456/IXAKZ457/IX AKZ469IX AKZ472/IX AKZ472/IX/01 AKZ487IX AKZ489IX AKZ495/IXAKZ496/IX AKZ497/IX AKZ506/IX AKZ506/WH AKZ507/IX AKZ508/IX AKZ508/WHAKZ510/IX AKZ511/IX AKZ515/IX AKZ515/WH AKZ516/IX AKZ516/NB AKZ516/WHAKZ550/IX AKZ550/TI AKZ551/IX AKZ555/IX AKZ650/IX AKZ677/IX AKZ801/IXAKZ803/IX AKZ810/IX LPR825/01 LPR826/01 481925928823 ALGOR AKL471/ARAKL471/WH AKL471GR AKL781/IX AKL781/WH 481925928823 BAUKNECHT BBSE3000BRBBSE3000WS BBSH3000BR BBSH3000WS BBZE3000SW BBZE3000WS BBZH3000WSBLC3000BR BLC3000BRGB BLC3000SWGB BLC3000WHGB BLCE3000BRGB BLCE3000SWGBBLCE3000WSGB BLCE3004BRGB BLCE3004INGB BLCE3004SW BLCE3004SWGB BLCE3004WSBLCE3004WSGB BLH3000BR BLH3000WS BLH3003BR BLH3003IN BLH3003WSBLZG3002INGB BLZG3002SW BLZG3002WS BLZH3002IN BLZH3002WS BSCE3000BRBSCE3000SW BSCE3000WS BSCH3000BR BSCH3000WS 481925928823 FIRENZI DO903BRDO903WH DO905AV DO905IX DO905WH SF904AV SF904IX SF904WH WHP 481925928823IGNIS AKL394/AV AKL394/WH AKL429/01RUSTIC AKL429/GR/01 AKL429/NA/01AKL429/WH AKL429/WH/01 AKL436/AV AKL436/JA AKL436/WH AKL437/AV AKL437/WHAKL446IX AKL477/AV AKL477/WH AKL490/AV AKL490/IX AKL490/WH AKL828/AVAKL828/GR AKL828/IX AKL828/JA AKL828/WH AKL829/IX AKL833/AV AKL833/WH481925928823 IKEA 00015087 14529285 30015081 30027079 30048864 3452711040015090 50015080 54527185 60015089 60018257 80015088 94529210481925928823 INTEGRA AKL472/WH AKL848/IX 481925928823 MAGNET DF902BRDF902WH DO903BR DO903WH 481925928823 RAM NEXT DIMENSION (WHIRLPOOL)APDFO/2/AV APDFO/2/RG APDFO/2/WH APDFO/BR APDFO/WH APSCF0/1/ARAPSCF0/1/NA APSCFO/AV APSCFO/BR APSCFO/GR APSCFO/RG APSFO/02/AVAPSFO/02/IX APSFO/02/RG APSFO/02/WH APSFO/AV APSFO/BR APSFO/GR APSFO/RGAPSFO/WH APVFO/AV APVFO/RG APVFO/WH 481925928823 SYSTEM 600 (WHIRLPOOL)APDFO/1/BR APDFO/1/RG APDFO/1/WH APDFO/AV APDFO/GR APDFO/RG APDFO/WHBDO810/AV BDO810/WH BDO814/AV BDO814/WH BSO801/AV BSO801/WH BSO802/AVBSO802/WH BSO803/AV BSO803/WH BSO806/AV BSO806/IX BSO806/WH 481925928823WHIRLPOOL GENERATION 2000 G2P61F/BR G2P61F/WH G2P62F/BR G2P62F/SSG2P62F/WH G2P63R/BD G2P63R/BK G2P63R/GR G2P63R/WH G2P64F/BR G2P64F/SSG2P64F/WH G2P90F/BR G2P90F/SS G2P90F/WH G2P91R/BK G2P91R/GR G2P91R/WHTRA801/BR TRA801/WH 481925928823 WHIRLPOOL AKP508/GR AKP508/JA AKP508/WHAKP510/AV AKP510/AV/02 AKP510/WH AKP510/WH/02 AKP511/AV AKP511/AV/02AKP511/GR AKP511/GR/02 AKP511/IX/02 AKP511/NB/02 AKP511/WH AKP511/WH/02AKP513/AV AKP513/WH AKP519/AV AKP519/AV/02 AKP519/WH AKP519/WH/02AKP595/AV AKP595/WH AKP625/AV AKP625/AV/03 AKP625/AV/04 AKP625/NBAKP625/NB/01 AKP625/WH AKP625/WH/03 AKP625/WH/04 AKP690/AV AKP690/NBAKP690/WH AKP695/AV AKP695/WH AKZ100/AV AKZ100/WH AKZ101/IX AKZ145/AVAKZ145/WH AKZ145WH AKZ146/AV AKZ146/IX AKZ146/WH AKZ150/WH AKZ150AVAKZ150GR AKZ150IX AKZ150NB AKZ150WH AKZ151/AR AKZ151/AV AKZ151/GRAKZ151/IX AKZ151/NA AKZ151/WH AKZ154/AV AKZ154/IX AKZ154/NB AKZ154/WHAKZ155/AR AKZ155/GR AKZ155/JA AKZ155/NA AKZ155/WH AKZ158/AV AKZ158/IXAKZ158/WH AKZ159/IX AKZ159/WH AKZ160AV AKZ160NB AKZ160WH AKZ161/AVAKZ161/GR AKZ161/IX AKZ161/WH AKZ165AV AKZ165IX AKZ165WH AKZ169/IXAKZ169/NB AKZ169/WH AKZ185AV AKZ185IX AKZ185WH AKZ187/AV AKZ187/IXAKZ187/WH AKZ188/IX AKZ188/WH AKZ189/IX AKZ189/WH AKZ190/IX AKZ195/01IXAKZ195/AV AKZ195/IX AKZ195/WH 481225938177 WHIRLPOOL AKZ153AV AKZ153IXAKZ153WH 481925928816 IGNIS AKL394/AV AKL394/WH 481925928876 BAUKNECHTBBSC3000WS BLC3000WS BSCE3000BR/01 BSCE3000WS/01 481925928876

AKP510/AV/01 AKP510/WH/01

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ELE2075 ELE9323


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