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EnerSys 12V 7Amp Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Get Lawn Mower Voucher Code Prices Today!

EnerSys 12V 7Amp Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Buy This EnerSys 12V 7Amp Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Today And Save Money Online.

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Used in toys, childrens scooters, lawn mowers. Replacement for the APC Smart UPS 700 and Belkin UPS. Features and benefits include: -3-5 year life gives you a long lasting battery. -Quality tested by an independant tester, EnerSys batteries are UL recognized -Operates in any position, this battery can even be used upside down giving you the versatility to use it anywhere. -The high quality construction and method used for sealing this battery ensures no leakage from the case or terminals. -Holds 97% of charge after 1 month and 85% of charge after 6 months, a great advantage as the battery will still have a lot of charge after not being used for a while. Typical applications include: -Cable television -Communications/radio equipment -Computer backup -Emergency lighting -Power tools -Security/fire alarm systems -UPS -Solar Powered Systems -Toys and models -Medical equipment -Remote telemetry -Stairlifts – Thyssen, Lift Able, Acorn & Minvator Stairlifts all use this battery.

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